About Us 

We are a small candle company founded in Atlanta, GA by Tamika Gemes. Our founder, had the vision of making every day as a "Happy Monday". Normally, Mondays are the toughest day of the week. They can be a drag, and many Americans dread that day of the week due to job responsibilities and monotony. But, what if Monday, could be seen as the happiest day of the week? If Monday starts "right", in the happiest way, it is likely that everyday thereafter will be productive, joyful and happy as well. Sunday, is a day of rest and is technically the first day of the week, but Monday sets the tone. :-) 

All of of our candles are made with coconut wax (not soy) and have the theme of "Monday". For example, our Sunday candle is titled 'Mellow Monday", and our Wednesday candle is titled "Hustle hard Monday". Although we have wonderful fragrances, nothing trumps our brand's purpose: To help every one to have a Happy Monday, and everyday thereafter. We're steady, pouring out positive vibes one batch at a time!