Our Secret Formula, REVEALED!

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At Happy Monday, there are no secrets. Our invigorating fragrances all come with a description of what we used to make them. Imbedded in luscious coconut wax, lies our secret formula. See below for what we use for each candle :-) 

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1) Sunday- “Mellow Monday” 

 Sea Salt, Jasmine & Sweet Cream


2) Monday- “Have A Kick Ass Monday”

Vanilla, Amber & Plum


3) Tuesday- “Me, Myself & Monday”

Pear, Jasmine & Light Musk


4) Wednesday- “Hustle Hard Monday”

Chili Pepper, Orange & Citrus


5) Thursday- “Dear Monday (fill in the blank)”

Lime, Coconut & Light Musk


6) Friday- “T.G.I.M”

Ginger, Saffron & Sandalwood


7) Saturday- “Happy Hour Monday”

Whiskey, Oak & Vanilla Bean



Issa Monday

Vanilla, Spice & Amber

Sweet Monday Morning

Caramel, Pecan & Vanilla

Monday Vibes

Mint, Jasmine & Sugar


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